Mind Reader: An intro lesson into Order of Operations

I was lucky enough to have a grandfather who loved Math.  Heck, he was elbow deep in it every day of his career.  He was a plumbing instructor at McKinley High in Buffalo, NY, and even published an instruction book along with his uncle.  He loved to check over my homework and ask how I figured […]... Read More
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No questions, no problem! What if students generate their own questions?

Last week I had a 3rd grade teacher email me and ask if I could help her out because she was frustrated.  She had been teaching lessons all week on: OA.3 Students can solve multiplication/division word problems within 100 involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities. AND OA.8 Students can use any of the four operations to […]... Read More
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A Strong Case for Math “Play”

In my last post I spoke about the reasons for following the C.R.A model as math teachers when introducing new concepts/skills.  I appreciate all the responses that I got through twitter: @darcmathcoach  and I found that so many of you have the same philosophy. I feel so strongly about this, that have dedicated this week and […]... Read More
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Teaching Through Feedback

Our district had a DCD (district collaboration day) this morning about setting learning targets, but a question was mentioned in the presentation that I attended at the very beginning.  This question resonated more with me than anything else, mainly because it’s a core belief of mine, but also because I believe that it is a […]... Read More