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A Number Talk in the Math Lab…


I have been in education now for 17 years. I spent seven years as an elementary school teacher in grades 1-5 developing my students’ love for math. An opportunity arose that allowed me to become an 8th grade math teacher, which helped realize just how important effective math teaching is in the elementary level. I am currently in my third year as a full time Math Coach trying to foster effective mathematics teaching at my school.

I graduated from Fredonia State in western NY with a concentration in mathematics. I have always believed in small group learning and having “math talks” with students. I love the way students think and question, and I strongly believe in the use of Math journals to help in understanding the depth of knowledge of my students. I received my masters in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State, which along with experience, has helped me find the path that I am on right now.

I don’t believe in the old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, because I continue to learn how to be a better math teacher every day through collaboration and learning from people whom I would like to emulate. I have firm beliefs that: students need to explore with concrete models, students will retain more by explaining their thinking in math journals, effective math teachers question students’ thinking continually, math games with specific learning targets allow students to apply strategies, and the words “I don’t get it” never should be spoken within a math classroom.

I have a wonderful, loving, and supportive family. My wife is a special education teacher at the high school level, and my two children keep us very busy and on our toes. We love the Buffalo Bills, playing games, and being together.

A family dinner at Kahni House
A family dinner at Kahni House

“A teacher affects eternity, they can never tell where their influence stops”

-Henry Brooke Adams

Twitter: @darcmathcoach