A year in review…

After starting this blog and trying to churn out a new post every week or so, I had to take a step back and catch my breath.  That step back turned into a bit of a hiatus combined with my plate being over filled, and over the past months I have been piling up ideas for posts ready to get back to it.

With this new year, I have decided to post once a month unless something imperative comes across my mind or day.  So without further ado, here is a look back at a few things that I have been doing since my last post…

  • Presented at my district’s Ed Summit about incorporating math journals daily.

I had a lot of fun doing this.  I have met with small groups of teachers before, but normally within my own building.  This was my first true opportunity to share my ideas with others and it was well received!

  • Part of new Math textbook adoption committee.

We have adopted enVision Math and it is still an on going process within each school in our district.  I have some teachers in my building who want to follow the TE to the letter without really digging into the lessons.  Envision is a great program, but with all programs, it is just another resource.  Our district has county summatives for K-5, and so many teachers have forgotten about backward design.  I currently sat with a 5th grade teacher who was about to start 5.NF.1 and 2, and she hadn’t even taken a look at the test yet.  When I asked her to sit with me and take the test, she admitted that she needed help in getting the students to understand the standards.  We then looked through the TE for enVision and found that one of the lessons had no correlation to our standards.

  • Became part time EIP teacher in 4th and 5th grades (a bit of an adjustment for me).

This is still an adjustment!  Working along side the math teacher, I am trying to “fill the gaps” of these students without allowing them to fall behind.

  • Became the Dreambox administrator for my school.

If you aren’t familiar with Dreambox, click HERE

  • Presented at GCTM’s Eagle Rock conference: “Math Journals-an insight into your students’ thinking”.

This was a more formal rendition of my presentation at the Ed Summit and the room was packed with about 70 people.  What an experience!!! I will be posting more information along with my power point at a later time…

  • Had a framework task adopted by the state.

So cool…this one came from a game my son and I would play.  In the car we’d some to a stop light and I would grab a handful of coins.  He would have to tell me how much before the light turned green.  If correct, he kept the money….

  • Currently working on a task force video project for the Ga DOE.

This is another really cool project!  It is a bit overwhelming as I have to create a storyboard  and videos for standards that have been identified by teachers to be the “most difficult” to teach.

As always, thank you for reading!

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