Mind Reader: An intro lesson into Order of Operations

I was lucky enough to have a grandfather who loved Math.  Heck, he was elbow deep in it every day of his career.  He was a plumbing instructor at McKinley High in Buffalo, NY, and even published an instruction book along with his uncle.  He loved to check over my homework and ask how I figured […]... Read More
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Math Centers?…it just makes sense

When I think back to my college classes that involved instruction, I still get a chuckle now as I did then when a professor would show us the learning pyramid and emphasize how little students retain from lectures. Yet here we were crammed into uncomfortable seats being lectured at…sweet irony It was then that I […]... Read More
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You want problem solvers? Try coding!!!

Alright, I admit it… I wasn’t sold on the idea of coding when I first heard about it because to me, it looked like just a game with no real purpose other than to entertain students.  Maybe even something that a teacher could use as a reward… So, with a little reluctance I began to […]... Read More
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Developing Fact Fluency without creating Anxiety

She stood there, quietly watching her peers exit the room excited to write their names on the poster in the hallway.  She wasn’t the only one not moving, but you could see, to her, EVERYONE else passed.  As I approached her I saw a single tear roll down her cheek.  “What’s wrong?” I asked as […]... Read More
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No questions, no problem! What if students generate their own questions?

Last week I had a 3rd grade teacher email me and ask if I could help her out because she was frustrated.  She had been teaching lessons all week on: OA.3 Students can solve multiplication/division word problems within 100 involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities. AND OA.8 Students can use any of the four operations to […]... Read More

Being Thankful…

This morning as I sit in my sister-in-law’s house in Stapleton, Co, I realized just how many things that I have to be thankful for: My two wonderful children who allow me to practice “new” math lessons on them and constantly remind me the value of curiosity in learning… My beautiful wife who supports me […]... Read More
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A Strong Case for Math “Play”

In my last post I spoke about the reasons for following the C.R.A model as math teachers when introducing new concepts/skills.  I appreciate all the responses that I got through twitter: @darcmathcoach  and I found that so many of you have the same philosophy. I feel so strongly about this, that have dedicated this week and […]... Read More